Tuesday, April 09, 2013

I will be @ the Supplies Surprise Bazaar #9

Heyya all! The last craft market I participated in, the FUYOH Art Bazaar at Publika, was a success even though the traffic was slow as people were away. I met many wonderful new friends and so many friends came by to say "hello" and show their support and I felt so blessed to have the support from so many people for this little pet project of mine, Hearts & Crafts *smiles* 

Now two weeks after the FUYOH Art Bazaar, Hearts & Crafts will be participating in another bazaar, the Supplies Surprise Bazaar #9 which will be held this Saturday, 13 April 2013 from 12pm-7pm *smiles smiles*

This will be my first time at the bazaar and I am a little nervous to say the least. Butterflies are a plenty in my belly but part of the reason why I started Hearts & Crafts was not only to make some profits but to make new friends who are into arts and crafts and who can inspire me and craft with me *smiles* so in that sense I guess I am not so nervous *laughs* So far I have made a couple of craft friends and participated in some craft swaps {will blog about that more} and its been lovely. I enjoy talking to my friends about new techniques or about the various products available or just chatting about what we want to try and make and etc. 

I digress... So anyways, I will be at Supplies Surprise Bazaar #9 at B-Free studio and I will be selling my full range of crafts supplies such as my happy washi tape {but of course}, patterned paper straws, stickers, embellishments, post-its, specially designed posters and bookmarks and more. Don't you just love the poster that they created for promotional purposes? 

So dear friends, do pen down this rather important date (13 April) and visit the Supplies Surprise Bazaar. Do find below the location of the bazaar {at the BFree Studio} and if you wish to know more about the bazaar and the other lovely vendors {there will be vendors selling fabric, ribbons and all your crafting supplies} and receive updates, do visit the Supplies Surprise FB page or the Handmade Movement blog

I certainly hope to see you all there. 
Do drop by to say "hi" when you are there *smiles*
There will be more posts to come.
Have so many ideas but so little time...
Story of my life *huhuhuhu*

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