Sunday, October 28, 2012

Blessedly Happy Day!

What a truly awesome {and tiring} day it has been 
but I am truly truly blessed with so many wonderful people 
{both old and new} in my life. 

Thank God for the decent weather and the wonderful people 
who came to support me and also to my awesome husband 
B who sat with me the whole day at the booth, 
bought me food and helped me with the errands, 
setup and takedown and for being my 
number #1 supporter. 

Also, my day was made all that more special
when a reader of this blog actually stopped by
and supported me. I am truly touched that you 
dropped by and said "hello".

Do drop me an email, would like to keep in touch
and chat more with you about happy things
and everything in between.
Have a good week ahead all  and
thanks again.

I am indeed blessed.


Christine said...

Helloo, can't find ur email so ill drop my msg here first i'm still doubting should i say 'helloo' but i glad i did..yipee!!! everything at the stall was awesome!!! and yes indeed we should talk more about pwettie things..its really great to meet you in person..hope to meet you again..

Miss Mya said...


Your stall was super cute :)


*Dream Weaver* said...

Thanks Christine and Mya for your kind words :) Hope to see you ladies at my next {whenever that will be} both :)

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