Thursday, October 28, 2010

Playing tourist

I felt a sudden urge if sorts to dine at The Apartment which overlooks the KLCC fountains. Since B was meeting his biker friends closely, I thought I would treat myself to a an alone time dinner while watching the sun set over KL city.

So here I am. I just had Peking duck crepe rolls, crab and salmon cakes and kick ass mocha latte. The food was pretty good and the alone time even better.

Since I sat down at one of the more prominent sears in the restaurant, I have had several stares. Most Malaysians have a fear of eating alone. I thankfully do not have said phobia and enjoy these moments of solitude. I think best when I am alone.

Night has set in replacing the dusty rose pink of dusk. The lights of the signboards of banks, hotels and multinationals shine in all it's corporate colored glory. The fountains glow and sprout water happily to the heavens. The KLCC twin towers shine like beacons welcoming both the tourists with their cameras and local folk out and about on a Thursday evening.

Ok. The waiters are giving me looks, after all it's dinner time and I am taking up a prime spot. Well the book store beckons so I will leave.

It's good to have alone time abs even better to be a tourist in my own city - if only I had my camera with me *grins grins*

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