Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Start of Something New

Grand plans to “relaunch” my blog were playing prairie dog and meerkat in my head. After all, I reasoned to myself, this blog has been around for several years, weathered many a tear, many a smile and much drama, heartache, laughter, grumblings, mumblings and the like… it should have a new coat of paint (or in this case, a new blog design) and some a sorta sparkly makeup.

So, I looked for templates and tried to understand them. Tinkered around. Stopped. Looked around. Stopped. Started a few blogs and posted up some randomness and realized that there was just something ‘not right’ about my blog. Perhaps it was the colour scheme. Or it could have been the randomness of the post that I couldn’t quite connect with… it just didn’t create a spark in me or a desire to pour my heart out like I did in Little Pieces of Heaven.

And gradually I began to realize that it was not really about the esthetics of my blog that mattered but the feeling of being at utter ease in this little piece of my Heaven. After travelling to many many sites and seeing the different ways in which individuals presented their thoughts (and envying the really simple yet lovely, informative, giggly blogs) I realized that bits of my heart and soul was already embedded right here in this blog.

I didn’t need a “relaunch” or a drastic makeover. What I need was an enhancement to reflect the change in style (or lack of according to some) and interests and more importantly an acceptance of who I was and what my blog represented. I may never have that grand 20,000 hits a day or even 20 for that matter. No one would want to advertise on my blog and neither will I have 251 comments to my post. I may not be linked to anyone’s page and people might not even know my blog exists… but I have to come to realize that it’s okay. This is MY Piece of Heaven. All mine. No one else’s. This site has so much history, I don’t think I could walk away from it just yet.

That said, minor uplifts to my blog will commence in stages or more like once I figure out how and what to do *grins*

In the meantime, I hope dear reader that life is treating you well and that you continue to enjoy journeying with me on Pieces of Heaven.

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