Monday, September 08, 2008

My August

My August has been torn of the calendar.
I feel it rushed by too quickly.
There were so many things that happened in this simple month of August.
My August.
Things happened in My August that I never quite understood.
Memories and days blended one into the other,
colliding, seemingly uncherished,
soaring, tumbling,
whisking by too quickly.
The moments vanished...
the sighs, scars, heartbeats and embraces,
a blink and it was lost in time.
A figment of my own crazy over active imagination it seems.
So many things to write about.
So many thoughts to sift through.
So many emotions to upload to blogspot,
which has now become my only emotional sinkhole.
Perhaps one day when work does not beckon,
when the poker table and chips are not laid out,
when the lads are not a callin',
when the books and DVDs stop tauntin...
that will be the day
when I have the heart and the will to write it all down,
to make sense of My August.
But... till then,
you remain near and
yet so very far.

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