Saturday, September 20, 2008

DW status updates

DW is hungover on silliness.
DW is waiting for her sandwich and coffee.
DW did a 24 hour day which ended with DVDs from 5am - 8am ~ Brilliant!
DW is going to church with Sunshine.
DW wishes you would speak to her again.
DW can't wait to start planning her grand adventure.
DW would love it if she blinked her eyes and
everything would clean and sort itself out.
DW is learning the intricacies of the heart.
DW is itching to paint again.
DW is excited about tomorrow's hike.
DW hopes that there will not be any blardy leeches.
DW hates the crimson tides.
DW is wondering what would happen if she raised the stakes.
DW withdrew her stakes.
DW is still waiting for her sandwich and coffee.
DW is still searching for inspiration in interesting places.
DW needs to work over the weekend but
is choosing to pretend the work does not exist.
DW is hungry and wishes the freaking food would come.
DW would like some dessert.
DW suspects the delivery man is lost - sigh.
DW over tipped the delivery man cos she was hungry.
DW is content that it is the weekend and
that she can bum around in her boxes
watching DVDs, drinking ice cold mocha
and eating her yummy sarnie ~ uber happiness.
DW's happiness level reaches 8.2.

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