Wednesday, August 27, 2008

DW in the office

~* Quick & Strange Thoughts from DW in the office *~

  • Why does time pass so quickly and yet so slowly
  • A week is really too long
  • According to Yews, I have been slutting too much these past two weeks... I agree, sleeping with work isn't that enjoyable sadly
  • Inspiration and answers comes from all sorts of wierd places
  • Wanting to stay away from you is hard work
  • Dancing in the darkness is dangerous business
  • I like your SMS's and calls ~ they make me *grin*
  • I saw fireworks and stars in your eyes the other night, now you don't even look at me
  • Never put two packets of perencah in Maggi cup noodles
  • Wishing that I didn't meet you is not an option
  • I need to find a cure for my broken heart disease
  • I miss poker
  • Beer is addictive
  • Satay celup doesn't really taste all that great


YSCHAN said...

i miss poker too. :(
i miss winning at poker more i mean.

LaY hOoN said...

Thank you.

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