Sunday, July 13, 2008

Wholesome Weekend

Much like Saturday, my Sunday was spent with my family. They were mighty surprised when I didn’t go out for the duration of the week and even made plans to buy 4D for it has been awhile since I stayed home for the whole weekend. Well as Sundays go, this Sunday was pretty tame, productive and wholesome.

In the morning I went to church with my folks and then went to the Curve for a massage after which I shopped and bought some stuff and proceeded for lunch with my mum at Ikea. After shopping, I went home and had a good ol’ fashioned snooze. After the snooze, I went to walk/half-jog in the park with my folks and met up with some of the people from the Bank. Then my folks and I went for dinner at TTDI – we had roti canai which was super yum – and then it was back home again where my mum and I watched a DVD and had strawberries for desert. SWEET! And then I played a couple hands of poker (with my dad looking over my shoulder and commenting about my playing) and then it was off to dreamland for me.

So that’s pretty much my how my weekend went… homely and family oriented.
It was a pretty nice weekend…
I never realized how much I miss hanging out with my folks.

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