Sunday, July 13, 2008

Last LSS

Today was the last day of my 9-week LSS course at SFX Church. What started out as a test to see how long I could last out of the 9 weeks has become a turning point in my life. I felt sad when the final session ended and we said our goodbyes to the friends we had made, I wondered what I would be doing for the Saturdays to come. My mother has already given it some thought and has informed me of my cousins engagement party next Sat and the long list of chores that I have been shelving *grumbles*

After the session, I went to Amcorp Mall and browsed through the shelves of books at BookXpress (I think that's what it is called) and could not resist buying 3 books one of which is an Eeyore Book with a soft toy included *smiles* (sadly however, there were not many scrapbooking magazines fore sale). My folks then picked me up and we went to Solaris in Mont Kiara to look around and have our dinner. We had Japanese food (ramen and rice set for me ~ yum) and then went to Cold Storage for grocery shopping. The bill came up to RM115 (gulp - there goes my budget!) but I was happy with my purchases of strawberries, dark chocolate cake, frozen roti canai, bittersweet chocolate, yogurt, ginger biscuits, clorox, drinks, tissue and etc. The place was nice though it was a little out of the way.

My parents were pleased that I spent the day with them and actually stayed home tonight. I watched "Over Her Dead Body" with my mum and chatted with some friends online and well here I am still writing. Had an enjoyable, slightly tiring nightout with DCh last night watching two movies and having a fun time talking just like how we used to back in my IACT days.

I can't believe tomorrows Sunday already/again. My boss is coming back on Monday after a week plus of being on leave. I pray that things will flow ever so smoothly. As for the people who called and SMSed or MSNed or emailed me about my last 'super duper long post', I am OK... have not hung myself or done anything mental to myself. Am doing perfectly well ~ thanks for the thoughts. Plus its good to know that I have more than 3 readers of my blog *grin grin grin*

And for the record... yes... I still miss that boy and I still wish that things could be the same if not much much better. Sadly, at this point in time from where I stand, I don't think things are panning out the way I hope it would be. Oh well... as they say, although we pray tirelessly for God to answer our prayers and provide us with what our heart desires, sometimes getting a "no" in reply is an answer as well. Although it is difficult, I have come to trust that He knows what is best for me for the moment and I just have to accept that His will be done.

Happy Sunday All

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