Monday, July 14, 2008

Slight Blues

Today I didn’t get the Monday Blues entirely.

I woke up earlier than usual and took the LRT to work.
I wore my flipflops and took my backpack as my back has been aching for several days.

Work was quite killer.
Haven’t had this much taxing work in awhile which is good really.

The slight blues came when the rain came
falling like snow but much much wetter without the powdery softness.
And the blues stayed when I thought of you
and how we met 2 years ago today…

Thankful the blues subsided
when I realized that life doesn’t just stop and end just
because of several things that dont quite go our way in life.
Life goes on much to the chagrin of the person hurting.

So I decided to put the blues away
and just to work, work, and work.
It felt just like the old times...
Me alone at the workstation
working, thinking, dreaming, wishing and hoping…
I wished I could be whisked home, fed a yummy dinner
and then fall asleep in someones arms whilest watching a DVD ~ bliss.
Nevertheless, I am sure that One Day soon...
when perhaps there are no Monday blues...
My wishes will come true.

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