Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Its 6:07pm and I am home...
*shock gasp horror*
But before you think that for once I have no work, I am on MC.
*sniff sniff*
The day has been pretty crappy... I feel stoned, ugly and slow.
A truly bad combination.
It really doesn't help that for some strange reason I am affected by a sudden status change in someones relationship column and a whole host of other strange emotions only I can feel such as: Feeling angry that I have to go to Penang whilst others attend parties; Feeling cheated because I am going to Penang; Feeling annoyed that I have to go to Penang (and a whole host of other Penang related emotions!); Feeling sad that you are sick and are not well; Feeling I-couldn't-give-to-shits what is going with you; Feeling annoyed that I am slow, stoned and ugly; Feeling damn ugly because of the zits on my face and generally feeling very un-Christmas and un-*Dream Weaver* like.
I need the Christmas spirit.
Anyone wants to share with me some extra Christmas spirit or antibiotics for that matter? I reckon I will stop this idiot rambling once I get better and will regret this stilly emotions flowing in my veins. Am going to sleep now...

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