Monday, December 03, 2007

How things change

I am at the office again. It's 9:04pm.
It's strange but I now don't find it that unbelievable that I stay back so late. My friends still gawk and gasp everytime I mention my working hours and should you have told me this 3 months prior to this date, I would have laughed at you... after all, wasn't I one of the few who had their bags packed ready to leave at 5:56pm at the old hovel?
How things have changed...
Along with these changes comes the need to prove myself. To prove that for once in my life I can excel in something totally outside of my comfort zone. My family constantly jokes that I have sold my soul to the bank... alas, I think I have sold my life to the bank... not my soul for my soul belongs to Him who has created me.
The past week has seen me do 11ish'es and buried in work but so far the work has paid off as certain people (bosses and such) know that I exist. Furthurmore, I always find such satisfaction knowing that I did a pretty good job. So to treat myself and to finally buy something with my first paycheque, I went shopping at The Curve and spent ages shopping for work clothes. I wanted to get some books but after looking at the piles I have yet to read, I decided that the books can wait another day... though I may succumb the next time I am at a bookshop.
Christmas is also around the corner. I can't believe it is so close by and I don't feel an ounce of the Christmas Spirit.
NOT an OUNCE! ~ this is so unlike me ~
I wait the whole entire year for Christmas and prepare, in my mind, all the lovely things I will make for my loved ones rather than the same old same old store bought gifts... but from my vantage point, that's what they will be getting... store bought gifts again. My weekends from now till Christmas are booked (if all goes well I will be heading down to Singpoare again in 2 weeks time) and I have no clue as to when I will get the Christmas shopping done. I might just take leave to do the shopping though I will worry endlessly about the work piling up in the office...
Anyways, I should go back to my work. It's quite amusing... me going back to work at 9:14pm when in the hovel I used to scamper in the door at 9:14am and hope that no one would notice that I wasn't in yet... how things change...
* I miss you btw... I hope you know

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