Monday, December 31, 2007

Last post of 2007 ~*

I am at the office… it’s the last day of 2007, but I had this strange urge to reminisce about the year gone by and it suddenly hits me that in just a few hours I will be ushering in the New Year. 9 hours and 5 minutes to be exact! Where has the year gone too? As a matter of fact, where has Christmas gone too? I can remember so clearly preparing my Christmas card and gift list (I love lists) and what do you know, Christmas is over – I will have to wait another 360 something days for the next Christmas – and now I have to start on my New Years resolution list yet again!

Clichéd sayings of ‘how time flies’ and how the older you get the faster time will pass ring in my ears but I don’t deny any of it… its all true. Someone once said its because of the mundane routines that we adults have that makes time pass so very quickly and again I have to nod my head in agreement.

Take for example my mundane routine. The weekdays see me waking up, getting ready for work, walking the same path to get to work, sitting behind that same desk and attending to the same type of work, walking the same path to get home, unwinding and finally getting ready for bed. The things that differ are usually the amount of work I have, what I have for lunch and dinner and when I manage to extract myself from my seat to go home.

The weekends are a crazy rush for me to squeeze in my chores, errands, reading, arts and crafts, family and friends time and to get that much needed extra sleep, that at times I wish it was Monday all over again. But then when Monday rolls along, I can’t help wish I could fast-forward myself to Friday night again. Yes I know… I am kind of a complicated soul. Go figure!

Now back to the issue of the New Year. Sometimes I think like most occasions, the New Year has been blown out of proportion. Sure you technically get a whole new calendar and you now get to write 2008 instead of 2007 in the year column… but then again why don’t we celebrate every second that passes since technically you never get the particular second back again and it’s a ‘new’ second every time.

So why wait for a new year to make new resolutions? Why make such a big issue of the New Year? Why don our best and spend heaps of money on fancy dinners and drinks? Why rush off to some crazy party or countdown? Why throw fantastic fireworks displays when each and each second should be as momentous a celebration?

Having said all that, I know however that come New Year’s Eve, I will succumb to counting down the seconds to 2008 and will be toasting and SMS’ing my wishes to those dearest to me. I guess it’s about me needing and wanting that one luminous, significant moment of change. That one moment filled with such hope and expectation that maybe this year things will be different.

That this year instead of reading in the newspapers about wars, assassinations, global warming, suicide bombings, kidnappings and rape, I will instead read about peace, about new beginnings, about hope, about joy… all happy, good and positive news. That this year instead of worrying about bonuses, promotions and workloads, I will think about spending more time with those I love, spending my time doing acts of charity, enjoying the little things in life like I used to.

That instead of wanting and pursuing more material things, I will instead pursue things that can’t be bought, like wisdom, peace, patience and kindness. That instead of holding on to grudges, anger and hurt, I will learn to let go and just breathe. That instead of whining and worrying about my weight and trying out diet #1296, I will learn to love that little ‘extra bit of me’ and chuck out all those ‘helpful’ diet tips and plans.

Yes… perhaps this New Year will be different. To start, I think will not be doing a New Year’s Resolution List 2008 – I don’t think I managed to fulfill last years resolutions as of yet – instead I will write a list (yay – more lists!) of all the things I have been blessed with this year. It will certainly act as a reminder of the many blessings that I have received. Furthermore, it will certainly serve to remind me of the many achievements and happy moments I have had throughout the year and be thankful for all that has happened.

As I sit here in front of my old ancient dinosaur of a computer in the office, it seems that at a glance, my 2007 wasn’t all that bad. Sure there were grey areas, moments I wish I could erase, revamp or change but then again, who has a perfect life, eh? As always, I offer up a prayer that 2008 will be better than 2007… that I will have the courage to use my butterfly wings and the wisdom to chose the right paths and that as the fireworks explode in cascades of rainbows in the sky in nine hours and 3 minutes time, I along with all other Malaysians will feel that one shining, significant moment of hope for the New Year, a moment that will be filled with endless opportunities, possibilities and miracles.

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