Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Office Rambles

It's lunchtime on Tuesday and I just finished eating my sandwich. Today is 'lets-catch-up-with-newspaper-reading-and-lets-eat-in' day. Two papers are left to be read, so I thought I would give myself a treat (?) and blog (treats to myself as you can tell aren't all that super at the mo!)
Well, the last couple of days have been busy and packed to the brim with work and going-outs. Last Friday saw me leaving the office at the all time earliest - 4:58pm!! It was for SumYe's wedding. I nearly wept for joy when I saw her looking so radiant in her white gown. Again allow me to reminisce about the days when we were younger
*sighs happily and a little nostalgically*
The wedding dinner was delish (we had lobster, prawns, roasted pith - hehehe) and I met an old friend who talked about my poems... poems which I no longer write... It was good to be reminded though, about the bits and pieces of the old 'me'... the one I see occasionally, the 'me' that had the heart of the funfair, the one that was... just different.
This past week at the office sees me not really hanging out with JT or JO but rather with LW. LW is a ching-chong gentleman. We hungout on Saturday and during lunch or after office hours. It's interesting to see his perspective of things, to learn about him and to learn about the people in the bank... and while he spoke, I couldn't help but be envious of him especially when he talks about all the goals that he has set for himself. However, he like me is lost in his own way...
I reckon that is what everyone goes through every now and then ~ a phase of being lost... Of being unsure about what they want and where they are heading or what they are doing. Suddednly your old way of doing and living seems alien to you and you adopt a 'new' way of being, of thinking and of seeing the world and people around you.
I wonder though at times why people behave the way they do. Why people once so close to you seem to drift furthur away without explanations or reason... why they don't talk about it or try to mend things, but just leave things torn, broken and well, just plain confusing. It's quite crappy when you get used to things and it stops... you miss the emails, SMS's, calls and lunches... you miss being called 'Princess' or those 1001 other endearments... but I guess just like many other things in life, some answers are just elusive...
Ahhh... the clock ticks again and its back to work for me... hope that all of you have a good week ahead. I will definitely try to have a good week, with me hoefully spending lesser time at the office... but you know something odd...
I kinda like it here... (I make retract this statement in awhile!)

1 comment:

Jin said...

Nice to see you again, busy bee,
Looks unnotice i riddle to be,
Changes i see, i think i weed,
Yet again I, as always, like of me.

Nice to see, your garden bloom!
Fragment of heaven, Piece of you!

Like again nice to see you again,
The jest of jest, your ambiguos friend,
Jin the joke, the name of me.

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