Sunday, November 11, 2007

*Dream Weaver* works in a bank

As always, the days blend one into another and I find myself bewildered and yes, very much bothered that there hardly is time to do the things that I really really want to do. I am either too tired or find myself having to do other mundane things which are necessary.

For those if you loyal readers who still have no clue that I am now working in a bank (Gasp! Shock! Horror!) now you know *grin grin* When most people see me and enquire about what I am doing now after my last job at the hovel, they tend to gasp and a look of disbelief creeps on their faces, for *Dream Weaver* and banks, don’t quite seem to gel.

To perfectly honest, I would never ever have thought that I would be working in a bank and by the looks of my friends faces, they thought the same. But what criteria should a person have for working in a bank? Are there certain traits that they need to have? A certain kind of look or standard? I have no idea really… all I know is that I, *Dream Weaver* now works in a bank.

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A friend also asked if I was happy working in the bank. I am still pondering about this... about me being happy working in the bank and so far, I don’t know if I am happy or not. I have made some friends now, just a handful things are looking up. The work is challenging and I am still learning about the different processes and the other blah blah blah’s of a bank. So am I happy? I guess in my own little way I am.

I miss the sunshine in the evenings though. I miss having time in the nights to read, sift though my magazines for arts and crafts ideas and going out with Sunshine and my other friends for drinks after work. Now, I am too tired and just fall into bed when I get home at about 10.30ish. Will try my hardest to leave work earlier in the days to come.

However, I am thankful though for many things these past few weeks.

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Things that *Dream Weaver* is thankful for…

* Sunshine and his boundless patience. For his lifts almost daily from the bank to my home. For SMS’s and calls to cheer me up and spur me on day after day. Thanks Da!

* My mum who prepares my meals everyday.

* My dad who sends me to work everyday – I dread the day when I have to start taking the LRT everyday.

* For my family who listen to my stories about the bank and my new friends with glee and who are my backbone these days ~ much thanks.

* JT who has been an absolute Angel these past two weeks and who has befriended me and introduced me to other colleagues in the bank. Thanks for the SMS’s during training and the emails that make me laugh.

* JO and his jokes, sarcasm and infectious smile and laughter. Thanks for trying to get me out of the office, for giving me that one crazy night of clubbing, for promising me more fun nights and for being a decently delightful chaperone.

* RA for having dinners with me and being a friend. For explaining the hierarchy in the office and for opening my eyes to certain things that I would otherwise have taken awhile to see. It’s strange how we never really spoke in school but I guess we are making up for lost time now.

* For JL who is a chatterbox and an absoulte fashionista. Who explains things to me again and again and commiserates with me when idiots come a-knockin’. May there be more laughs and stories for us to share in the near future.

* To B for lucnhes and for that 3am supper on Friday night, reminiscent of those good old days when we younger and more carefree *smile*

* To the other friends who leave me MSG’s on facebook, MSN and friendster or who send SMS’s to enquire about me and to just say “hello” much thanks. It’s the little things such as these that make the days seem that much brighter.

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I pray that all of you have a fantastic week ahead.

Take care and God bless all of you and may Angels watch over all of you.

P.S: I can’t believe that Christmas is just around the corner *smile smile* I can’t wait!!!

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