Friday, August 17, 2007

The Weekend is Here...

The Weekend is here!!!
I can't believe it is here already... again.
I remember on Monday after lunch when I told Jess and Alicia
that it was just four and a half days till the weekend and now its here.
*Hoorah Hoorah*

The past week has just been Happy.
It has been a blessed week with things going smoothly
and if there were any glitches, it wasn't as bad as I expected it to be.

I have been more smiley too.
More happy's, more laughter and more chatter.
There was also some delightful surprises thrown in this week.
Surprises that left me grinning like a loony.

Yesterday I went to 1U and I wanted to go to this art shop near Dome in the old wing and as I was walking towards the shop I realised that it was boarded up. My heart sank when I saw this because I had quite liked their products. Then suddenly almost instinctively, I turned to my left and lo and behold there was a brand new Scrapbooking shop!

GAH! *I nearly wet my pants in pure joy and happiness*

I scrambled into the shop and saw Mr Choo who worked in the small art shop, which I thought had closed. He explained that this new shop was new and had opened only a month ago. I walked around the shop in a daze touching the paper and embellishments in a trace like state.

YES! Another shop to muddle around and "oooo and ahhh" in.


After walking around for about 15 mins and drinking in the sights, I went to meet Sofian from my Stamford days. It was strage to see him in work clothes as I had only ever seen him in jeans and bermudas. It was also strange to talk about work when before we were the class clowns, famous for disrupting classes and annoying our lecturers *feeling slightly guilty*

Sunshine joined us later for dinner…

(CONTINUES in the next post...)

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