Tuesday, August 28, 2007


My dad is going for another neuro scan now.
I pray that everything is going to be alright.
Dear God,
Please be with my dad and protect him and keep him safe.
Calm his fears and give him the peace which only You can provide.
Send Your Angels to watch over my father, brother, mum
and myself and fill us with faith and hope in You.
Please pray for my daddy and his speedy recovery.
I just got back from visting my dad at UH.
He said that his head was painful too.
They gave him painkillers which helped to ease the pain.
When my bro, mum and I left, he was drifting slowly to sleep.
I pray that he gets a restful sleep tonight and
that the pain subsides and disappears altogther.
Tomorrow we will get the results of his latest scan...
If that doesnt work than he has to have his spine punctured
so that they can test the spine fluid.
*sob sob sob*
I feel scared and sad...
I wish that all of this was a bad dream that I will wake up from.
I will even exchange my whole Eeyore, sticker and book collection
just to make my father well again.
The fishes aren't eating as well...
and the tortoises are on their best behaviour.
I miss him when he is not at home.
The house seems emptier...
Get well soon Pa.
Dear God,
Please take care and
watch over my dad...
We need a miracle.

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