Monday, August 06, 2007


This is the first post that I am typing in the confines of my bedroom. It's lovely *smile*.
I should technically be asleep at the moment, or reading a book hoping to fall asleep. I fear a cough and flu is at my doorstep and have taken a super strong dose of vitamin C to ward it off and am hoping it works.

Well, the reason I am blogging now instead of reading is because I had an interesting conversation with Sunshine. I am a thinker! I always knew that but in my conversation with Sunshine, it became apparent that should I continue to be just that, a thinker, that WAS ALL I would ever be... a thinker. A thinker thinking about "what-ifs" and worrying about the said hypothetical "what-ifs" and just wallowing in all the hypothetical "what-ifs".

So Sunshine shared with me a story (we will not go through it here) about T.P.E.
Now T.P.E stands for Think.Plan.Execute. Most people might know about the importance of T.P.E but for me, although I too knew in theory what T.P.E was and practice it everyday at wok, I never did quite implement this vital theory in my daily life and I realised that this was where some of my shortcomings lay.

As mentioned above, I tend to just Think. Never moving on to the Planning or Execution stages. I linger on at the first stage, progressing perhaps to the second stage but never quite reaching the final stage, on most occasions anyway.

I believe that because I tend to rationalise things too much at times, I may have missed many good opportunities in the past. These opportunities could have been right in front of me but because I was still dwelling at Stage #1: Thinking, I was unable to move forward and thus the opportunity slipped away.

I don't know why I am such a thinker but I suppose I am like this because of my irrational fear of failing or of making a mistake. I really hate that - making mistakes. I try to avoid them and thus think about ways of how to avoid making said mistakes... perhaps I just think for too long a period. I don't know... but at least I know where one of my shortcomings lie and will try to rectify it (part of my revamping project).

It honestly was quite humbling to have Sunshine point out my shortcomings but better he than someone else do it really and I know that it is only for the betterment of myself. I like the way he spoke to me about it as well. Not trying to sound like a self righteous pompous know it all. We did not fight and we did not argue. Instead we talked about it civilly. Both trying to understand each others point of view... and one realising that she had a lot things to learn in life and feeling glad that she had a ray of Sunshine helping her to do just that.

Have a good week ahead everyone.
Guess who is on leave tomorrow?
*hoorah hoorah*

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