Tuesday, April 10, 2007

GAH!!! ...focus focus focus...

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*sobs sobs sobs*
It's 8:32pm and I am still at the office.
so much work...
I haven't packed
*sigh sigh*
~* Am trying to think happy thoughts about beaches, sunshine, waves, pizza and happy happy days doing nothing but fun stuff *~
I so need to think about the stupid-employment-services-industry right now
... think think think...
.... focus focus focus...
p.s: Dear Readers... please pray that when I leave office, I wil leave the problems at the office and not bring them along on the trip. I may have overweight luggage.

1 comment:

s4ints said...

you should.. work is work.. work isn't everything in life.. we work to live not live to work.. ^^

just popping by to say hi.. hope you've been doing good..

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