Thursday, February 15, 2007

Seasons Greetings

I know this blog has been left to gather dust and cobwebs but much has been happening in my life and although there is much to say, I sometimes don't feel like writing down my thoughts and should I have some elusive moments of free time I can't blog as well since my blasted PC is still being reconstructed (please feel free to donate to the new fund “BUY *DREAM WEAVER* A LAPTOP FUND”) and I dare not get caught blogging during office hours… so here I am using the office PC after office hours.

Anyways, I will blog soon… long long blogs about my semi-interesting life – be prepared for long posts!
And all the pictures that I have been taking.

So, Happy Belated Valentines Day and Happy Chinese New Year!!!

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* Do drop by my place for a visit if you can especially on the 19th. Don’t forget the birthday presents. *grin grin*

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