Wednesday, February 14, 2007


What Love is to me...

  • Love is giving up your last bite of ice cream and hot dog and remote control, sharing your blanket on cold nights, making an early breakfast for someone and sharing cuddly hugs.
  • Love is thinking of the other person in every decision that you make, massaging their body and making them smile after a long hard day even though you are equally as tired, listening to their winges for the 106th time and giving the same advice for the 106th time, finishing each others sentences and laughing about the same things and just smiling like an idiot every time the thought of that person enters your mind.

  • Love means forgiveness for all past and future transgressions, acceptance of faults both big and small, sacrificing everything; ensuring happiness and contentment each day and making that someone feel complete

I think I am in Love...

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* Happy Valentines Day*
~ You are loved ~
*grins grins*

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