Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Half of 50!

So now I am aged half of 50.
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I can’t believe how fast time whizzes past.
This morning, I looked at this photo of myself and several of my cousins gathered around me and I see myself in a pink frilly dress (I remember begging my mum to get me that dress from Parkson) with a yellow hair band (I wrote a poem about this titled “SHE”), with my bowl styled hair cut, smiling a wonderful innocent smile of happiness.
That was 18 years ago…
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Strangely enough, it seems that every other birthday after that was never as good. Actually they bordered on sucky. And every year I would be left upset and disappointed. This year the day started of pretty much the same as the other years – sucky. It rained and although I was snug in my bed, I had strange dreams which irked me and made me toss and turn. I finally woke up and did some reading. Had a mini argument with Sunshine and decided to vent in my journal. And vent I did.

After the venting, I decided to start a fresh and wrote 3 SMS’s. These SMS’s were sent to tie up loose ends and unburden my heart - I only got one response back. I then took a super long hot shower and immediately felt better. The day much better when Sunshine came over and gave me a great big hug. We spent the rest of the afternoon playing pinball on the PC and eating leftover Domino's pizza *happy happy joy joy*

Later I went to my aunties house with Sunshine and caught up with my relatives. I sort of thought something was up and that they were planning something but didn’t want to think about it too much just in case it didn’t happen.
But it did happen *smiles smiles*

The lights were turned off and about 60 relatives of mine started singing “happy birthday” and I wanted to cry. I had two cakes to blow and they were yummy ones too. One was addressed to Jinjang Jo which used to be my nick name when I was about 7. The days when “SHE” was happy. The days when I was 7 and without worries, totally carefree.

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Then I went home and the guys came over. It was lovely to have them over but somehow I felt that something was missing. More like some people were missing… Gerard, David, Brian and YN. I wish you guys could have come. Some how, the celebration wasn’t quite complete with you guys. The bonus however was Tiny whom I had not seen in 2 and a half years. ~ Thanks you guys for the cake and for coming over. It is very appreciated *smiles smiles*

Yesterday I also had a mini celebration with Sunshine and Cat at Alexis @ BSC. It was nice to just talk about things while eating scrumptious cake (I had mixed fruit meringue) and delicious iced cappuccino (Thanks Sunshine for the treats). After that, we went to Zees house for a little session and then it was back home for me.

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So here I am after 3 cakes and a slice ~ well fed with a smile on my face.
Indeed this year’s birthday was a wonderful surprise. A birthday which was lovely and which exceeded all my expectations. To all of you who were instrumental in making my 25th birthday a success ~ thanks!

Thanks for the lovely birthday cards which meant a lot to me, the extra angpows, the cake, the company, the emails and songs, the calls and SMS’s and friendster messages.
*smiles smiles* Thanks Philip for the phone call. It was sweet of you to remember. To Zee for calling and organizing everything.
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For you who SMSed me first and who surprised me with your answer. It is interesting to know that .."For you...girl to me your like a diamond, i like the way you shine, hundred million dollar treasure..i'll give the world to make you mine..."
And lastly, dear Sunshine… thanks for being such a sweet heart and for contributing to make this birthday one of the best ones ever *muaks muaks*
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