Friday, August 04, 2006

Happy Friday

"It is often easier to speak with ones mind then it tis ones heart" -- LKB

I was lying down on my groovy happy butterfly comforter after work yesterday and just lay there… and as usual my thoughts started flitting in and out of my memories and thoughts. A scheduled relaxing nap turned into full on thinking fest with as usual not many concrete conclusions.
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I realised though that these couple of days I have been speaking with my heart and it is freaking difficult having to face the consequences of that. Some things which I was so used to the past few weeks have changed and well it sucks big time but I guess all good things come to and end, right? The SMS’s, the emails and the calls have dwindled, perhaps its just busy season.

*sigh sigh*

With regards to work though, things have improved significantly. I have sort of accepted that I am not a working adult and have joined the world of the grown-ups but I have resolved not to fully join them and to retain all the things that I love even though it is deemed childish and immature.

But I am glad it’s Friday and that I am at least progressing with work and life… at least now I have a direction which I am headed. It’s not super bright or clear, but its some where and I guess Someday I will know if love can move a mountain, I will know what the wind says when she cries, I will know why I wasn’t meant for you and someday I will be content with what life has allotted to me.

Happppy Friday peeps!
*grin grin* hope you guys have a wonderful one…
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“If I could ask God just one question,
why aren’t you here with me…” New Radicals

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