Friday, August 04, 2006

--> Grouchy Me <--

It’s 8.16pm as I write this entry and every normal sane person would be at home enjoying their weekend… well count me out of that equation ‘cos I am still at work!!!
Was asked by several colleagues who were wakling out the door, “Why you still here?”
I wanted to retort “Waiting for my eggs to hatch”… but being the nice person that I am, “I said work” and hunched over my work and willed them to go away before I felt the urge to take my envelope opener and gorge out their eyes.

Sorry… that’s me being not so nice…

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But I can’t help it… I am just so tired and now after all the praying for the weekend to come quickly, its here and I just realised I have nothing planned. Sun sort of saved the morning when he suggested we go for lunch and animal/pet watching at Ikano. Great, ‘cos I have work at Ikano tomorrow at 2pm!!! – Gawd!!! Client freaking servicing. Thank God I can wear normal clothes… and I hope they don’t make me stay long.

Sorry I sound like a grouch… *sob sob*
It don't want to feel this way... But I can’t help it… *sigh*

The oldies that are playing on my yahoo player helps a little but then…
I don’t know… there is just something missing…
The only good thing is that I love the "me" time I am having now.
No one demanding things from me or bothering me, playing with my mind and heart or asking me to do things… its just me, alone in the office and me alone with my thoughts, golden oldies in the background and the computer for me to tinker on, just the way I like it… would be really great if I had some food though… the sarnie at 12.30pm can only go so far but then I guess I am blessed to even have some food.
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I think I am an emotional wreck now… like a ticking time bomb ready to explode!!!
~ okay so I am exaggerating, but I just feel like damn wierdlah… this weird weird feeling that something is not quite right and I hate that feeling.
Anyways I think I should stop work and go home and just enjoy the weekend… *smile*
~~* hope that things get better…

Blessed Happy WEEKEND!!!

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lisha said...

*big hug* i believe the alignment of the planets is screwing up things for a lot of people.

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