Sunday, July 02, 2006

Supertiggerific Sundae!

Today was one of those days where you do heaps of stuff and you feel like the day was like a WOW and everything goes right (well almost everything!). As most of your loyal readers know, I have found that working has been a really really difficult thing to do and finding my footing in PR is seriously taking a lot out of me and so during the weekends I strive to do things that recharges me for the week ahead and this weekend has been a classic case of a wonderful weekend which can spur me on till like perhaps the end of the week (fingers crossed!).
Here is what I did on this SUPERTIGGERIFIC day!
Things I did with the Possum:
  • We went to Madras lane in KL to eat Curry mee (wish they had put chicken and fishballs in the noodles... what is curry mee without chicken and fishballies?) ~ tsk tsk!
  • We then went to Stadium Negara to watch WINNIE THE POOH LIVE! ~ it was excellant with a whole load of fun and laughs. I have heaps of photos -should be up soon... or not so soon- and an Eeyore pen as a momento ~ its super duper cutes!
  • We then went to Low Yat to shop and look see for new gadgets to oggle over. Bought lovely CD cases for my "new project" (to be told once it like actually takes shape) and made a resolution to clear my computer from all viruses and junk and to save all vital info in CDs.
  • Then it was on to Sg. Wang where I bought a top which says "Make Love Not War" and some MP3 albums though I kena con for one as I was too careless and didn't check what the stuff before paying. The arses gave me a CHINESE cd! ~stupid man! Give malay/indon one also better.
  • Tummies were a rumbling so we went to Bayu Timor first for Iced Lemon Tea and then on to Le Opera on Bintang Walk for lunches. We were sorely disppointed by the shittyarse service and I was disturbed by the view (a begger was sitting outside the restaurant and I felt guilty eating so extravagantly while he was begging). The food was alrightlah, very bleh and so NOT worth it! - stay away folks!!! Food rating 3.5/10 Service 2/10
  • To make the Possum feel better because of the shittyarse food and service, I decided to take him to Tiffin Bay in Starhill as we memang wanted to go there for drinks. The place is LOVELY! We is loves it much much many many!!! So will go there again and the prices are reasonable and the food super duper yums. Thumbs up to Tiffin Bay!
  • Being super stuffed and all talked out, we went to Possums 2nd home to recharge and discharge -hehehe- and then went to Plaza Damas to look for the new scrapbooking shop they have there. It was closed ~ sigh! But then that means something to do next week!!! *hoorah hoorah*

After that's I met up with my folks in 1Utama to chill out with them. Ended up buying myself a new book - TIMES monthly special - "The Divide - Nicholas Evans (he wrote the "Horse Whisperer") and a new pair of jeans. ~Slaps hand for taking out the $$$ as made myself promise not to buy too much stuff! Then it was on to dinners and then back homes to read, hang out some more with my folks and now here I am bloggging...

A really really memorable day :) *smiles smiles*... its been awhile since I had one of them. Oh yeah... yesterday went for a collegues wedding. Felt so soppy-ish and emo-ish and felt like I wanted to get hitched but realised that I am not ready for it once I slid of the "I want to get married cloud".

Well folks this is al the updates for today (quite alot right?) and I hope that the coming week will be awesome, happy and blessed for all of you. And remember dreams are so very important, hold on to them with all your heart and remember too that no one can take them away from you. *huggggssss* ~ miss so many of you and wish there was more time in the world to meet up and have a chat, a hug, a coffee and desert, a meal, a dance, a laugh... perhaps soon, yeah?

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