Monday, July 10, 2006

Building Castles in the Air

"Do not worry if you have built your castles in the air. They are where they should be. Now put the foundations under them." - Henry David Thoreau

Building castles in the air has been my favourite past time of late.
I have been seriously bogged down with work… (am blogging at work whilst waiting for client to approve work) – think leaving at 5am and going back to work at 8.30am kind of busy – and yet some times at very unexpected moments I go into dream mode. I guess that is the only thing that keeps me sane really. If I don’t have those lil’ day dreams to spur me on, I think I would be a crazy looney by now.

Anyways, today hasn’t been that bad. I expected the work pile to be that of the Petronas Twin Towers but it was manageable and I actually finished my work ahead of time but have to wait for the client to get some work done – BAH! I should be home… I am alone again at the office. Seriously thinking of bringing like my comfort clothes here so that when I work late at least I will be in comfy clothes. But imagining my boss giving me the evil eye is enough to make me forget that whole idea.

Well since I still have nothing to do and am waiting here, I will recap what happened during the past week.
The Past Week.
The past week saw me basically living in the office and me wishing that I could shout at my client. They just don’t get the word FINAL. Gawd… idiots I tell you!!! Anyways, yeah… so stayed back at work everyday and managed to get through the week ~ Thank You God again! *smile* And then all too soon the weekend came… and it didn’t quite go the way I planned but then I guess I have come to accept the sad sordid fact that things usually never go the way you plan.

The Weekend…
Was supposed to go with my kid cousin to her primary school fun fair but then I guess her parents felt the guilty and decided to bring her albeit for 2 hours only. So for Saturday I got to sleep in a little late. I woke up at about 11am and stayed in bed till two alternating my reading between Amy Tan’s “Saving Fish From Drowning” and my scrapbook magazines. After that I went to the Curve with me mums and the Possum and had dinner at Marche *yum yum*. Also stopped at the scrapbooking shop and bought paper whilst the Possum snidely remarked that there was no use in me buying so much paper when I never use them… GEE!!! I wish I had the time to use the paper really, but alas such is the working life.

After going to the Curve, I was supposed to go to Asian Heritage row to drink away my sorrows with the Possum but he didn’t want to go and since the guys were going to go to Poppy I thought that I would go too since I did have fun the last time I was there. Well to sum up the night… I shouldn’t drink so much. I broke Dil’s glass though I swear I didn’t think I swung my hand that hard. Just lucky that I didn’t hit anyone or hurt anyone. Didn’t quite feel like dancing much and it was super duper hot! Met some of my secondary school friends which was nice… some of them are working in Phileo so I might have new lunch buddies! *hoorah hoorah* Also met my colleague at work we commented that we were seeing way too much of each other, which is really true.

After I went home from Poppy, I engaged in playing burnout and I reckon that in my state of “highness” I play better. Did I tell you that I love that game to bits? Well, Sunday saw me sleeping in an going to see my granny and going to church and being with my folks. Made a trip to Crabtree and Evelyn cos it was Princess Day (I kid you not!) and got my *yum yum* biscuits at a good price. And then I saw you…

I hadn’t seen you in awhile and it was so sudden I nearly tripped and fell (what’s new clumsy me). We spoke for awhile and I was shuffling my feet and looking anywhere but at you… *sigh sigh* So me-malu-kan!!! But it was good to see you again and I guess some things will never change between us but some things already had. I guess its better this way, is it not?

I went home and began reading my notes and case studies for my new corporate client and then you called and it was the exact moment when you drifted into my mind. We went out for a drink and talked about work. Bitched about work more like it! It was good to hear your sarcasm although I think I had the upper hand last night. The clock struck midnight and I had to go and reluctantly I said goodnight. Doubt I will see you anytime soon, but sometimes fate plays such interesting games with us...

So yes… my week in nut shell… and here I am still sitting in the office thinking of KFC’s new offering (planning to go and eat it after work) and willing time to pass quicker... *hugggsss* Hope all of you have a an excellent week ahead. I am going to play some online games because I am bored and haven’t played them in ages. *zuma, typershark, diamond mine, tumblebugs – here I come*

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