Tuesday, May 30, 2006

I survived!

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I survived!
More then 2 weeks have passed by since my last post and although I promised myself that:
a) I will not become a workaholic
b) I will TRY to write once a week at least in my blog
c) Read a book a week
d) Have at least 3 hours a week devoted to arts and crafts
e) Stop thinking of you
f) I will lose some weight
g) I will clean my room from top to bottom
h) I will try to save money

And guess what…
I have managed to achieve, lets see… NONE of these things!
Surprise! Surprise!

Well, at least I am still breathing and have semblance of my normal life still.
Some updates because its lunch time (SPONGY: FYI, I am not technically blogging during working hours as I have an hour off for lunch!) and I have several minutes to spare:

a) I have still not succeeded in perfecting a good bowl/mug of Quaker oats
b) I have completed two major events which are: the launch of Olmetec® and a press conference with Nobel Laureate Professor Dr Ferid Murad.
c) Went for a day and a bit to Singapore for work and had a stressful bus ride back (there was a mini cockroach and idiotic spoilt children running around) though I did managed to get some shopping thrown into the schedule. *I is bought some arts and crafts stuff, new white chocolate M&Ms and M&Ms that change colour – am an M&Ms freak!
d) My grandma is out of the hospital and is now at my aunt’s house again though she is unable to walk still and needs a full time maid.
e) My tortoises are all strong and healthy these days.
f) Have managed to acquire new pimples.
g) Did not think of “he who must not be cared for” that much.
h) And best of all… GERARD IS HOME!!! *hoorah hoorah*

With regards to point h), I sort of knew that Gerard was home. I actually dreamt that he was home and we were in this field at night lying on the grass on a blankie and facing this really beautiful velveteen midnight blue sky with a billion of stars sporadically scattered all over the place. It was beautiful and a light breeze shifted around us and we talked. About what I don’t know but I remember talking and talking like we used to do post him leaving, post me working. It was good and I remember smiling when I woke up and feeling sad that he as not in SS2 and that I wouldn’t see him that day or for some time to come but I felt oddly enough, calm and reassured of something unnameable.

And now he is home…
And I am glad.
Dira is coming home too in a couple of weeks time and then my life will be complete… well sort of complete or as complete as it can possibly get (some holes just can’t be filled). I look forward to the future now with a bigger goofier grin and some more hope in my heart.
Glad you are home G ~ things just wasn’t the same without you.

Well it’s back to work. I have a new project to be discussed and a whole lot of reports to write. BahHumbug!
I miss you regardless of how many days have passed and not a day goes by that I don’t think of you and wish on stars…
* Colours and pics to accompany the text will be up shortly due to the lack of time.


Pinkity said...

Lets all chant the sacred mantra "Leave at 6 sharp, take lunch hour off, think about other things after work instead of what you need to do tomorrow"

Dude, working is good... hahahaha

RC said...

I like the white chocolate m&ms...

i think it's a pretty funny movie tie in...but hey, if it gives us a white chocolate tie than that's absolutly wonderful!

Unfortunatly, that just means when Pirates of the Carribbean isn't being marketed anymore then they won't be available...i guess I'll have to decide if it's worth stocking up.

--RC of strangeculture.blogspot.com

blogsurfer said...

What are you looking for today?

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