Wednesday, February 27, 2013

trips, time and taking heart

I saw this on Business Insider and
was marveled again the many things
I have yet to see and experience.

On one hand I feel so blessed to have
seen so many beautiful things and
experienced so much. I know that there
are others who are not as blessed
or who have not had the means to do
so and I am so grateful for all that I have
gotten... yet being human, and being me
sometimes it isn't enough.

The wanderlust stirs in my blood.
It keeps me wondering about the next
time I board the plane, the next place I 
will be. I feel the magic when I see photos
of places on my wishlist and I daydream
about the places and what it will feel like...

Then there are times when I wish I could turn
back the clock. To not only revisit the places
I have been and taken more photos and savored
the experiences a little bit more but to 
undo the things that I did or didn't do
which have such repercussions on my life now. 
They could be things done here where I live
or the things done abroad but they are things
that I wish I could undo nonetheless.

I know there is nothing much I can do at the
moment for things have already been done.
Things have already been spun into motion.
All I can do is pray and hope that things
work out for the best because at the end of
the day, it is His will and not ours.
Sure they are my mistakes, but I know
in my heart that whatever happens and 
how things change after this, it will be
for the best decision at the end of the day.

I must be strong. I must take heart.
There is no one who will be there on my side.
And yes, it does call to mind the different mistakes
made over time that have changed me... I hope
this one does not have such severe repercussions.

God you hear me and you know what I ask of you.
Let your will be done. Amen.

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