Friday, February 15, 2013

Small steps to help Kate

Hi Alls, My little pet craft project, Hearts & Crafts
is doing a mini CSR project for a girl named Kate who isn't
well {read more about Kate here}. 
So all washi tape from my store will be sold at 50% off until 
19 February 2013 {postage not included}. 
The 50% you save will be donated to Kate. 
If you are not into washi tape, you can also participate 
in a handmade auction to raise funds for Kate 
on Allie's Handcrafted Crafts

Alternatively if you want to donate your 
handmade items to be auctioned off, please contact 
Allie Remember, things 
always start small before they can become big. 
So take small steps to help someone in need.

Do also note that I will be away on vacation but 
I will attend to your requests when I get back as 
I have limited internet access when I am away.

I also know that I have heaps of posts to catch 
up on but big things are brewing here 
{no, I am not preggers!} so am just waiting for
things to settle some before sharing that 
big thing and work has been crazy too due to 
Chines New Year holidays and my 
colleagues being on leave and all that. 

So check out this space soon for new updates, 
and happy things {not many of them these days 
but am working on changing that} *smiles*

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