Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Interior Ideas #4 - Divine Terrace

Confession time! I keep all my old Ikea catalogues!! *blush* I can't bring myself to throw them away simply because they are brimming with interior design ideas {and lovely lovely ‘would-like-to-haves’}. I also enjoy going to Ikea and browsing through the different displays playing the ‘if you had a choice, which one would you pick’ game. It makes me hopeful and makes me daydream about ‘one days’, families and a place to call my own. I get a kick out of pretending and I love feeling the fabrics, getting practical yet stylish home ID ideas – yes I am an Ikea lover {don’t forget the Ikea food which I enjoy too --- am dreaming of their meatball right now in fact}!

So, it comes as no surprise that I tend to gravitate towards liking these sorts of home ID ideas rather than rustic or country or minimalistic styles, though I have to say that there are the odds and ends here and there from these different styles that I love as well. I happened upon several lovely sites featuring Scandinavian homes and I was blown away. The photos above {taken from SpearMint Design’s blog} resonate with me.

Why you ask? Well what is there not to like?? Although I am slightly braver now and am opened to feature walls and bright strangely coloured walls {I once was a traditionalist liking only plain pale colours that was just ‘bleh’}, there is a certain ‘wow’ factor to white walls with splashes of colour! It draws your eye to the colour making it stand out more, to make it scream if you must. This home in Gothenburg, Sweden is just amazing. Ok, you could inject a little colour into the walls but other than that, I have no gripe about the photos.

Here’s what I love about these photos:
  1. The prints on the walls are just so happy and bright that they ooze life into the house
  2. The simplicity of the furniture chosen and the functionally of it and the best part of it is that it still looks good
  3. The colour pillows against the dark fabric of the sofa
  4. The awesome wall papered wall
  5. The compact kitchen with the cozy breakfast nook  
  6. The cabinets which I have come to appreciate after having seen so many in the past couple of weeks
  7. The windows + good views {I imagine/hope} + natural sunlight = awesomeness
  8. The white shelves scattered around the house storing little colourful knick-knacks, books and etc.
  9. The black chandelier of sorts feature light in the bedroom {though it looks terribly hard to clean}
  10. And then there is the pièce de résistance of it {drumroll please} the terrace!!! It is divine!!!!! I heart it so much {and not just because there is a little dog on it}!
This little terrace is dreamy. I can imagine mornings having breakfast there listening to the city wake up and watching the world go by. I can imagine late nights with friends having drinks and watching the nights sky or just day dreaming. I see strings of fairy lights twinkling and me curled up with B on the awesome pink seat, our backs against the pillows. I see inspiration in the green and flowering plants {don’t you just love the green flower trough }. I see Belle running around trying to eat the plants and trying to jump on the pink seats, but its okay because in my daydreams, she is an obedient beagle who sits on the floor chewing her bone.  

Oh my. I sound like a loony. But really how awesome is that terrace!!
*contented happy sigh*
Ok.. I will end this post here with just a note to the owners of this lovely place “ You guys are so blessed. Love your house to bits please!”

Remember: "Hoarding & Collecting is not a crime. It is an art!" 

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