Friday, September 24, 2010

Citrusy goodness

The music of Sex and The City OST is playing. It's surprisingly good I have to say.
I sip my favourite bottled Lychee Tea and I reckon that I should pack up my laptop and call it a night, but I am somehow glued to the screen of my uber slow laptop. 

Nothing great or grand has happened since the last time I wrote... but then again, I know with a certainty that its these small moments that make up the best part of my life and Praise God that there have been heaps of these small moments of which I am so thankful for. I will post some more updates soon on these moments... hopefully this weekend but then I know that the weekend would probably be packed with other stuff like bringing Belle to the vet, going to a Raya open house in some far away place, playing monopoly cards or poker, watching DVDs, doing my filing and etc.

Btw, I had a craving for lemon meringue tart from Delicious cafe today after work and bless my mother and my brother for going out to get me a lemon meringue tart as well as a slice of flourless orange cake. I never used to like cakes which did not have chocolate in them but about a year ago, I sorta took a step back from chocolate based cakes to try new delights and I have to say I am not regretting this decision.

The lemon meringue tart was citrusy and sweet at the same time with a light flakey tart base. It was so good I swooned in pleasure after each mouthful!!! Really, its during moments like this that I know my life is good and that I am so blessed. Sitting in my jammies, with Belly and my family with me laughing at the telly and me eating mouthfuls of divine lemoney goodness ~ blissful. The only thing that would have made this whole picture more perfect than it already is, would be the presence of B beside me *grins*

Anyways, I should go to bed. I have an event tomorrow, so there is lots to ogranise and am also presenting some slides and stuff. I pray it goes well and after that... well its Friday! Thank you God for Fridays and weekends. Have a good weekend all *hugs*

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