Saturday, September 25, 2010

Being Remembered

Yesterday I organised the second PR Managers Community Network gathering for the Group PR and Communications Managers. The theme for the gathering this time round was Corporate Identity and Branding, a topic which I had actually wanted to study as a second degree.

In the PR2U session, a session where we plan to have external speakers share about a certain topic, I invited my old lecturer Mr L.C to give a presentation about branding as he is one of the branding gurus in Malaysia. 

Mr L.C and I go way back in my IACT days, of which I have never blogged about since blogging was not "in" at that time. In IACT, where I studied mass communications, marketing and advertising (it was a really general diploma), I was blessed to be under the guidance of several good lecturers, the best being Mr L.C who thought me about branding, campaign planning and copy writing I believe. 

I remember days when he would ask me questions when he knew I was either:
a) half asleep 
b) talking to my friends
c) trying to finish my home work
d) daydreaming

At times like this, I wore my 'deer-in-the-headlights' look and quickly blurted out something (sometimes it was right sometimes, totally helpless wrong!) and tried to look as if I really knew what I was mumbling. He would laugh at times and say it was a "good try" and sometimes he would just give me a haughty look and turn his face away from me and say 'moving along...' Needless to say the classroom would erupt into laughter when he said that.

Now even though I 'occasionally' disrupted the class or feel asleep or daydreamed, I really loved what I studied and it came naturally to me. There was no need to really study per se. I found it easier to learn by case studies and examples of which he has plenty of. I was always eager to debate or question him about things when I was awake and fully functioning and it was always interesting and informative to hear his retorts and explanations. 

So yes, I believe I was one of Mr L.C's fav students and this was affirmed by him yesterday *woot woot* and as Mr L.C continued telling my colleagues about his teaching days and how I was a good student and how it would be pleasure to mark my exam papers as he had memorized my ID number,  I was struck by how much he remembered about me. He asked me about what I had done after getting my diploma and if I had gone to USM or if I had succeeded in going to Australia. I had actually forgotten about this plan of mine to go to USM since I could not afford to go to Aussie. After all this time he remembered...

I have to say the feeling of being remembered was like a 'high' of sorts. I felt happy that someone remembered me. Some of you might think it sad that I could be this jubilant about something as trivial as this, but in a world where I get few affirmations, this is like a refreshing drink of cool spring water.

So yea... thanks Mr L.C for remembering. For being a good lecturer and for giving a super presentation yesterday - all of us learnt a lot. And you know what, as Mr L.C spoke, it was like being in IACT again in one of his classes and I felt happy. The feeling of wanting to pursue my studies coursed through me again and well... who knows... perhaps I will one day soon though for the moment, I will start with some of the branding books that I have bought.

Although it was a long long long day, it was a good one. Mr L.C, I hope we meet again soon. I thanked God for having you in my life as a lecturer and a friend.


Anonymous said...

I always motivated by you, your opinion and attitude, again, thanks for this nice post.

- Norman

*Dream Weaver* said...

Dear Norman, Thank you for reading my blog (I really wondered if anyone else read these words of mine) and for your comment.

It brightens up my day that someone was touched, motivated or inspired by something I wrote.


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