Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I feel kinda restless

There is a certain deliciousness to a cup of warm slightly milky Milo (the effects of me adding too much hot water and too much condensed milk) on a cloudy drizzly day. My new office pantry supplies Milo, coffee and tea as well as creamer, sugar and condensed milk. One of our kind colleagues also put a box of M&S Earl Grey tea for us to share *yay*

Since we are on the topic of food, let me give you a rundown of the types of food I have in my office and on my desk. Now, for our office stash, we have a tin of Danish biscuits (I love the ones that look like little knots with sprinkled sugar on the top) bought by one of colleagues who just got back from a 2 week travelling break and several packets of crisps lying in a pretty basket (we have Chickadees, Twisties, Cheezels).

At my little cubicle type place, you can find several varieties of biscuits my fav being the Crabtree&Evelyn Double Chocolate Chip Cookies (though their Crabtree’s orange bikkies are the best!), several kinds of tea (chamomile and honey, tropical fruits, lychee and rose) some 3-in-1 coffee thingys, a tin of sweets (I think there are 3 pieces left) from Germany, a container of Mentos gum, several types of chocolate, a couple of sachets of instant soup, 2 packets of crackers and an instant noodle in a cup thingy. Most of the food on my desk are from my old spot at Level 3A. I have this habit of buying more than I need which is just bad bad bad. So am trying to finish all my tea and stuff that will expire soon though I have a skinking suspicion that most things are already expired ~ huhuhuhuhuhu.

I feel kinda restless. Its 4:32pm as I type this. A full hour and then some before I can pack up and leave for the day. It’s quite tough looking busy when all you really want to do is surf the net, read them interesting stories, blog and go blogshopping *snickers* My warm Milo is now cold. I also spot sticky whisker like marks around my mouth thanks to the chocolatey drink. Now its onwards to the pantry to wash up the sticky residue and the chocolate stains. I hate this part of the deliciousness… but I also hate unwashed cups.

So here I am after milky Milo tea still counting down the time till I can stuff my things into my bag and then scurry out of the building back to Belle. Am thinking of giving her a bath today but am worried she will catch a cold with the cold overcast windy-ish day. We will see how it goes.

Feeling like I want to travel to Melbourne and just walking around town in the cold.

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