Monday, May 17, 2010

Last Monday @ The Bank.

Hope is always available to us.
When we feel defeated,
we need only take a deep breath
and say, “Yes”,
and hope will reappear.

- Monroe Forester -

It’s Monday.

I am wearing a red top with white trim on, black pants,
my new black sling backs showing of my red shiny toe nails,
my Longines watch, my Inter Nos Marc Jacobs bracelet,
a new red and silver diamante bracelet from B’s mum
and pretty decent hair for a Monday.

It is also my second last day
as an official employee of The Bank.

I have not started packing my things.
Indeed there are heaps more things that need to be done
but alas time is never on our side when we need a tad more of it.
I am getting a little nervous about how I am going to pack everything
and finish my handover list.
How can one fully handover things?
And these things are my kinda like my babies and
it’s hard to let them go to someone else.
Then I sneak peeks at my fellow colleagues and
the view I get from my cubicle.
I dare say I have one of the better seats in the department
with additional drawers and a pretty large area around me.
I will truly miss this my cubicle. My things.
The people I share smiles with when I am
on a water run or making my way to meetings.

Yet at the same time I am excited
and looking forward to sitting somewhere new,
doing somewhat similar yet different things.
This will be a good move I believe.
A move that is needed and which will be rewarding.
I start my filing soon, tidy up my handover list,
clear the store and then I begin packing.
It will be a late day today I believe...
Unless I cave in and miss Belle so much
which could very well be a possiblity.
That baby puppy has wormed her way so comfortably
into my heart *grins grins*
Cheers to my last Monday @ The Bank.

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