Monday, May 24, 2010

Inspiration to write

Of late I have had such inspiration to write. I could look at something and then think of what to write about it. A memory that I had awakened, something that reminded me of something that reminded me of something or just an analogy I made up.

So many words and themes danced in my mind but I was just out of reach of a pen or paper or was in the midst of something to write it all down. Then when I get home, the words don't come. It is so frustating but I am sure it will come back to me, these words that sometimes elude me and the memories which sometimes tarnishes and fades.

Btw, I have found several lovely blog sites to read/browse. I enjoy glimpsing into the lives of these people with their seemingly perfect lives. Its like a breeze on a warm sticky day, a icy cool drink when the sun beats down on me. I think I have become a sort of blog/site follower *woot woot* will share the links with you soon.

A big thanks to them bloggers *grin grin*

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