Sunday, March 21, 2010

Have you ever......

Have you ever had that feeling at the back of your throat,
like you couldn’t breathe?
Have you had that feeling like you were gasping for air?
Like you were grasping for straws.
Like you were drowning.
Like you wanted to talk but had no voice.
Like you wanted to dance but you couldn't even walk.
Like you wanted to scream but there is no sound.
Like you wanted to cry but no tears flowed.
Like you wanted to lash out but there wasn’t anything.

Have you ever had that feeling like you were floating in nothingness?
Like you were drifting in a void.
Like you could not feel.
Like you hurt but there was no wound.
Like you were broken but there was nothing to fix.
Like you knew it was right but yet it felt wrong.
Like you had wings but you could not fly.

Have you ever had that feeling like you saw only black and white and never grey?
Like you were dancing on fragments of glass.
Like you were drunk on pure water.
Like you were a miniscule particle.
Like you were a forgettable tool.
Like you lived a farce.
Like you thought you knew what forever was but forgot the next second.

Have you ever had that feeling like you were never born?
Like you see your death over and over again.
Like you lived in a dream.
Like you were just a naught.
Like you knew nothing.
Like your connection timed out.
Like you wanted it to stop but it kept on going.
Like you were in a roundabout with no exit.

Have you ever had that feeling like your life was a lie heaped upon another lie upon another lie?
Like you were so tired but could not sleep.
Like you were a soundless whisper.
Like you were never there.
Have you ever had that feeling?

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