Monday, November 23, 2009

Stranger in the mirror

Sometimes when I look in the mirror,
I don't recognize the reflection of the person
staring back at me.
I feel like I am a stranger in my own body.
I feel feelings which I never knew I would feel.
Ugly, awful things.
Things that I wish I could rip out from me
and fling far far away.
I see tears roll down this strangers face.
I feel pain rippingly, swelling,
burning and bursting inside her.
I see the thoughts and the memories
play in her mind like a broken record.
I see her heart choke
and thighten and gasp.
I can't help her.
I just stare wordlessly,
unblinkingly at her.
And just as soon as that feeling comes,
it disappears and I remember that person
staring at back at me.
I remember her past,
I come to terms with the present
and look hopefully towards the future.

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