Sunday, November 15, 2009


I would like to have a quiet read before I sleep tonight. I would like to have a peaceful relaxing time at home alone.

Those days of being home alone and feeling safe are gone.

I am panoid everytime I hear a creak, a sound... anything sets me off on paranoia mode. I clutch my bat everywhere I go.

No matter if my dad explains it over and over again that it can't and wouldn't happen again, I still worry about it, I still think about it. I wonder if what I hear is actually real and not something in my imagination.

I want this feeling to go away and never return.

God, please help me to overcome this worries of mine.

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1 comment:

Tom Bailey said...

Fill your mind with goals and dreams of things you want and fear and paranoia might not have room to exist.

Just my viewpoint.

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