Monday, September 07, 2009

New links

I feel like rebelling today so am not going to turn on my office laptop which I lugged to the advertising agency and back (thanks Daves for the lift) to do some work that is pending. I reckon the work will still be waiting for me when I get to the office tomorrow and this whole work thingy will never end. There will always be things to do......

I keep trying to remind myself that its just work. Its just something that you are paid to do... and yet I feel strangely responsible for all of the things that I have been tasked to do. Could this be a side of maturity or stupidity?

Anyways, if anyone has noticed (I don't know if anyone still reads my blog or even visits it, though I appreciate your comment Pegs, at least I know one person still drops by every so often), but the links on my page of changed. I have decreased the amount of blogs which were formerly my friends and have increased the blogs that inspire me, the ones that I savor and browse with happiness and joy. These new links are inspiring.

Sometimes when I am not eating with B, my colleagues and am not rushing for deadlines, I sneak glances at these sites. Much like a secret admirer, wanting to be in the world of his/her lover and not being able to. But for me, this is enough. To browse, to ohhh and to ahhhh and to get inspired and to hope for some time to do these arts and crafts things... these things which I miss.

Well, its late. Almost 11pm (yes I am getting aunty-ish already) and I should get some sleep. My dreams last night were queer, scary and creepy. I wish you all a wonderful and blessed week ahead with all the happiness, hope and joy you can hope for every other day.

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whimsicajlottings said...

*raises hand* I read your entries. :) Just that I dont comment.

I like seeing the little bears and fairies at yr side bar. Makes me feel like a child again.

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