Monday, May 19, 2008


It's strange and a little saddening how you can be in the same vicinity
as someone and you can miss them.
It's strange that sometimes the things
that you seek are the things that evade you.
It's sad that the person whom you miss,
doesn't miss you back... doesn't even know you exist really,
or has perhaps placed you in a category you don't quite want to be in.
It's sad that memories fade as quickly as they are made
and all that remains are fragmented pieces of hope...
that will also in time fade away.

But I guess what I can take out of all this; out of the strangeness, sadness and in-between-ness... the "I miss you's" that are never said, the actions and nights that are meant to be forgotten, the perfect moments that were meant to be just moments, is that
'one happiness is worth a thousand sorrows'

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