Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A long day

It's just that wee bit sad when you have had a long day - had several crisises (which thankfully were settled and dealt with in a perfectly harmonious way), a nasty headache, a blocked nose and a voice so husky you sound damn hot on the phone and so unlike your usual self (which could be seen in a good or bad light really!) - and find yourself still sitting in the office in the same damn position (well almost the same position) for more than 12 and a half hours.

The office is deserted in your section (its kinda freaky) and for company you have your Facebook account (that is not really working very well) and thank God, a pretty decent hi-five set which is belting (sadly) soppy songs that make you want to thump it with your massive umbrella you save for monsoon season!

And then salvation appears (cue sarcastic but grateful smile) in the form of R who was supposed to send you home hours ago. Not only do you have to listen to him make snide remarks about your crappy hair and husky voice but you have to listen with utmost patience when he hints about possibilities of an office affair with him - which to be honest is as appealing as going to the dentist (which i absolutely detest!). I mean R is a pretty decent boy (a little bit pervy but aren't all boys that way?), but I have known him since I was 15 and its just damn wrong! Then you have to listen to him compare himself to McS and McG and well you basically get a very very really really long ride home.

And now 2 hours later, I sit infront of Sam my laptop and recap the day. A pretty fulfililng day to be honest. Managed to do quite a bit of work, arrange several files, clear my desk and solve those nasty crises all in one day *pats her own back* and yet after it is all done and the day is drawing to a close I still find my day not that complete... I guess it has to do with you... I really wish I could take a spade and unearth you out of my head, mind and heart where you are wedged so very nicely ~ Heaven only knows how you sneaked in to these places! Perhaps then I wouldn't need to feel so strange and I would be able to *grin* on my own terms...


The flues is getting worse. I hurts to even talk ~ sniff!

I am going to go and sleep now... perhaps I will see you in my dreams

I miss you... still... unfortunately

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