Monday, October 29, 2007

Office moans

A thousand thoughts run helter-skelter in my mind but my mind is closed for the day. After all it is already 10:39pm and I should really be in bed, tucked up underneath my comforter either pouring over my books or talking to Sunshine about my day.
Yet I am still here in the office.
Yes... I am still here.
I don't quite know why I am here... I should be at home. But works dictates that I sit here and finish all the work that has been thrown/dumped/given to me. True it is my job but I honestly don't quite know my own jobscope (Note to self: Find out jobscope!).
I am not thinking clearly as well... and yet I am thinking clearly. My mind again races with all these different conflicting thoughts and I would very much just like to have a warm shower, get out of my work clothes (which to some people look really aunt-ish) and just have a good sleep till tomorrow, at 6:30am when I wake up and the same routine starts again.
I can't believe it will be only 2 weeks since I started working again. It feels like months. My body is yelling at me to slow down. My parents and friends think I am mad for working so late... but I guess this is life. You want the $, you best keep quiet and keep your head low.
I hate to be paranoid, but I hear sounds and there is no one around.
I just want to go home...
*save me please?

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