Thursday, October 04, 2007

Another New Adventure!

I started a new adventure today.
I accepted Job #1.
I was praying to God yesterday and
asked Him to show me which path to take
and He did... its Job #1.
There is a possibility that I read the signs wrong...
But I trust in God and in myself
that Job #1 is the right job for me
at this current juncture in life.
So Congratulations me!
I have a new job and am employed now.
*hoorah hoorah*
Thus begins another new adventure for me!
I also went to Pavillion today.
The place was alright.
Nothing too great.
I liked the layout of Tangs and what I saw of Parkson looked nice as well.
But the price tags were such a turn-off.
TIMES bookshop was pretty good...
but the arts and crafts section was lacking.
I could not help but buy some books - 3 for the price of 2 -
(it's hard to resist NOT buying books!)
Had a quiet lunch with my SB magazine @ PizzaMania
and suddenly I saw BryBry.
It was nice to see him and his friends and we hung out for abit
before we headed back to Bangsar where they went back to work
and I went home with my bro.
Later, Sunshine and I decided to see a movie.
So we went to Cineleisure
and stuffed ourseleves with cinema food
and snuggled into our seats to watch
"The Seeker: The Darkness Is Rising".
The show did not meet up to expectations sadly...
And now I am here.
Facebooking, Blogging and looking at trailers.
*smiles smiles*
I will miss these carefree days.

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