Saturday, July 28, 2007


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I received an email from Mr PJ today.
(The pic is of Mr PJ and his wife Clare celebrating their 40th anniversary!)
He seems the same in the pic as he was seven years ago.
I miss him.
I miss the way he spoke to me.
The way that he explained things.
The interesting lessons in art.
The trips to the art galleries.
The encouragement and advice he offered.
The little notes he scribbled in my VAPD.
The joy that lit up his eyes when he spoke about Monet,
Mattise, Klimit and all the greats and not so greats.
His strange and soothing Welsh-Aussie accent.
I wish that I was back in Temora High School...

back in my visual arts class...
stamping my handprints next to his.

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