Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Date Night & etc.

Its about 11.45am.
I am not supposed to be here.
I should technically be back in the hovel.
But *lalalalala* Here I am in the B.Council again.
I find such solace here among the PCs and books that I wish I needn't go back so soon.
Well on to happier things...

Yesterday was Date Night with Sunshine.
We allocate certain day to be Date Night's where we do really 'coupley' things.
Last night we had a slow relaxed dinner at B.B.Q Plaza (was not too bad) and watched 'Transformers' (finally!) and YES, it was brilliant! I thought that it wouldn't be as good as everyone said it would be, but I was wrong. It was brilliant. However, Sunshine and I were so sleepy that we could barely keep our eyes open.
Next Date Night we will be watching the wizard boy in action I hope.

Anyways, am getting paranoid that someone might see me so will be heading back to mount doom. Just a little note to the following people:
* Pinkity ~ Congrats on getting to go on that awesome holiday. Bring back lots of pics!!!
* Ms P.Lo ~ I am surprised and proud of the decisions that you are making in your life right now. I would really love to have a coffee with you and bitch the day away... but alas you are too far away... MSN coffee???
* Maiju ~ I hope that you are settling down well in Temora. Enjoy yourself and hope to hear from you soon.
* BryBry ~ Thanks for the MLTR wristband :) I had fun at Genting.
* Sunshine ~ You make me smile. Thanks for Date Night and Morning Calls *smiles smiles*

More updates soon.
*hugsss and smilessss* to all of you.
Hope you all have an awesome day ahead.

*Dream Weaver* trudges back to the hovel wishing that she could be at home reading her lovelybooks,
watching her DVDs or doing her arts and crafts... basically just being AWAY from the mount of doom!!!

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