Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Happy Bits

~ Happy Bits ~

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* Finally graduating
* Marina is coming back for Christmas
* Reciving a surprise SMS from Philip
* Hearing news that one of my good friends got engaged
~ CONGRATS again!
* Getting my annual Christmas card from Jody
* Getting a surprise treat from my dad
* Going to Singpore with my whole family
* Sharing happy moments with the people I care about
* Finding so many arts and crafts stuff
* Decorating my cubicle at work with Sunshine (and won a prize)
* Watching movies and reading books
* The office trip to Genting
* Winning a TopShop contest
* Holidays with Sunshine
* Finding and reciving Eeyore stuff
* Silly chats with my colleagues
* Doing well for my first presentation
* Chilling out with my bro, Pauline and Sunshine
* Calls from you
* Times spent with my family
* Running in the rain with Sunshine
* Being cheered up on ugly fatty days
* Snuggles under the comforter
* Massages and hot showers
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