Saturday, October 21, 2006

A Saturday Evening...

Hey loyal readers... It's a Saturday evening... (yay, its the weekend!) sorry for the influx of posts... these were written and saved as drafts and I have finally got the time and the mood to upload them and tweak them where it is necessary.

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For those of you who are wondering how I am, I am good.
Things are going well for me.
I am getting better in the art of LLB-ing and work has been alright.
I haven't lost any weight though I have started gymming... but I dont really care - OK I am lying... hehehe... but anyways, I feel much livelier and healthier since I started gymming though the haze is just pulling me down and is super nasty! *bleh

Well, as I said things are going well for me at the moment...
Been catching up with my reading, DVDs and sleeping (though its quite troubled sleep most often) and have had the time to start dreaming about my 'One Days' again and positive steps are being taken even as I type to make these 'One Days' a reality.
I am so looking forward to the holidays as I have some dust animals (they came back) to catch and tons of things to arrange. Any helpers???

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Till my next post...
I bid thee adieu.
Take care and God bless & Angels watch over you always.

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