Friday, October 06, 2006

At the Office Loo

Some things I hate when I go to the loo at office is
the absence of toilet paper...
and when there is a roll of nice toilet paper,
it is the cheap kind that sticks to your bum
*sigh sigh sigh*
and (drumroll please)
the worst thing I hate is
when you are sitting on the throne doing whatever it is you are doing
and someone turns off the light.
GAH!!! Pitch black! Darkness!
and (double drumroll please)
the absolutely worst shittiest thing would be if...
you were on the throne
and they turned off the lights
and you have cheap tissue stuck on your bum!!!
GAH!!! Pitch black! Darkness!
and Tissues on your BUM!!!
~ fumbles and grumbles in the dark ~
*sigh sigh sigh*
I hate when this happens in the office loo...
or any loo for that matter... Bummer!

1 comment:

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