Sunday, January 01, 2006

The first 2006 day...

There is something really nice about going to church on the first day of the new year. My family and I went for 11.30am mass at SFX and it was nice. I lit my first candles of the new year. A silver one an a yellow one with flowers and leaves around its sides (it was square!). After that it was to my grannys place again and then we had lunch and then we all went home.

Originally Dave and I was supposed to go out but in the end the guys ended up going as well. We had a good meal at Chilis and I got my new 2006 pocket diary *grin grin* May it be filled with fun things to do and lovely memories in its pages.

So far its been a perfect day but I still have not recieved a call from 'you' and its sad... is this all we are worth? A part of me is so upset - the super emo side - but there is another part of me that really doesn't give a rats arse. Yet my day seems incomplete, but its a new year and I should be getting used to new things... I should have known better.

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The rain is falling outside. Its been raining for awhile now. My family is out and I feel strangely alone though I know my friends are all a phone call away. I am not feeling sorry for myself but I just wish this emptiness would go away. I think I need a nap now, I didn't have enough sleep today and am going to meet the guys later as well. I hope everyone had a wonderful first day of the new year!!! *hugs*

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