Wednesday, December 11, 2013

A Quickie From Me

I know... I know... I was supposed to update this Little Piece of Heaven ages ago but really... its getting tougher to juggle everything. And what do I mean by everything? Well, here's a little of what is going on in my life {for the benefit of those kind people who still follow me ~ thank you}...

Work ~ I recently got promoted {which is awesome} and we have also won some new clients {which is also awesome} but the icky part is that some of my team members are away which means that work has tripled for me. I enjoy being challenged, don't get me wrong, but its hard to do your portion of work and someone else's portion too and still do a good job for both portions! LOL... but thankful I have a good support system consisting of B, my colleagues, my family and my other friends who understand the daunting nature of life in a PR consultancy.

Hearts & Crafts ~ What started of as a little "let's try something new and see how it goes" has turned into something super awesome. I don't make heaps of money and I hardly join any bazaars these days but I am still getting support and sales which is awesome. I have a lot of ideas {funny how the ideas come when you are uber busy but never when you have nothing much going on} and hope to execute them soon but with work taking precedence these days {until we have all hands on deck again}, this has to take a backseat. However, no mater how big or small my store is, I am happy. This was something I used to daydream about and now here I am, actually doing it *smile smile*

Project Love Nest 2.0 ~ I don't know if I have blogged about this but we are moving. In another 2 months time or thereabouts, I will be nestled in my new home which is just a stones throw away from where I grew up. The house is being renovated and OMG is is a pain to manage contractors and deciding on what needs to be done and how everything is going to look and be transported... GAH! Even thinking about it is giving me the shivers!!! But... the house is gorgeous. I used to wonder how the inside of the house looked like and now we are the proud owners of said house! Will share some before and after pics of the house when things settle down *grin grin*

Holidays & Occasions ~ I missed the Avicci rave about 2 weekends ago and feel a bit bummed about it but I wasn't feeling well and I had the strangest feeling that I should stay at home and so I did. Last weekend was Kelssy's wedding and it was a whole day of merriment and activity. Will be going to celebrate their second wedding celebration up north this weekend ~ can't wait to go for this short road trip. Other then that, my weekends have been filled with shopping for the house stuff, catching up on sleep, tv and shop updates or visiting friends and family. I always feel that there is not enough time in a day!

Swaps, Snailmail & Postcrossing ~ I just started participating in Postcrossing and Swaps via swapbot this year and it has made me realize how much I miss writing, pen on paper and decorating said letter with stickers, pen and stamps. Have been meeting a lot of new friends via Instagram as well which is great. Hoping to do more swaps and snailmail next year. 

Anyways, that's about all the stuff that is happening in my life apart from my usual I-want-to-craft dilemma, watching and catching up on all my neglected TV series, movies and books and oh gosh, I just remembered I need to pack up and move *shudder* this is not going to be pleasant! I really do have a lot of stuff.

On to happy things... I recently made my first Black Friday purchase from Studio Calico and here is the short story of what happened which I shared on Studio Calico's blog post. I hope they don't I am strange!


I was so surprised when I saw the Studio Calico box this evening as I was not expecting it for at least another month - what with me living in Malaysia and all... but there it was in its unassuming brown box.

Before I opened the box, I turned on my BoneyM Christmas Carols and slowly cut the tape to reveal the treasures inside and to cut the story short, it was as if Christmas morning had come early for me. You see every day I see these pretty sneak peaks, reveals and items online and I very very seldom get the chance to buy them {no thanks to the awful conversion and shipping rate!} but finally... finally I have my own little magnetic kit box and other goodies which I have previously only been able to "oooo" and "ahhhh" at :)

As I opened each brown paper bag, drew open each muslin bag and sneaked a peek at the goodness inside, I just kept smiling {like a little looney} and I about half and hour later, I am still smiling. Still happy.

Sorry for this uber long comment but I to share my joy and say thank you to the team for selecting these pretty grab bags and for sending these goodies so quickly. It is my first time participating in a BlackFriday sale and I am so glad. 

Happy early Christmas to the Studio Calico team :)

~* ~*~*~

So yes... I am still smiling as I type this.
Truly Christmas has come early for me.
It's a little late and though its a public holiday tomorrow, I need to wind down for the night. Its been a draining two days at work - I a whole month to feel like this though I certainly hope it is not so.
Will try my utmost best to write again soon 
*smiles smiles*

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Anonymous said...

Hello, I follow you. I did my "duty" as it were to blogger and I hit the next blog button about a hundred times. So many blogs on blogger are slow, and personal. I have a blog that is fast because my "community" demands fast updates and lots of things to do. I prefer places like what you have made here. IT gives me a quiet corner to sit in and just enjoy. I added you to my reading list so that I will see everything you post. It was a joy to read you work. Thank you.

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